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Planetary Data System Management Council Meeting

15-16 December 2004
University of Maryland, College Park MD

Last update: 02 December 2004, ACR


The Small Bodies Node will host the next meeting of the PDS Management Council on Wednesday-Thursday, December 15-16 The meeting will be held in conference room 2316 of the Computer and Space Sciences Building. A revised agenda is now available as a Word file or as a PDF file.

This page provides links to contact information, logistics, and any presentation materials made available in advance or during the course of the meeting, as requested by the participants. Links, updates and additional information will be added as they become available.


A revised agenda has been posted: agenda.doc (Word file) or agenda.pdf (PDF).

Presentations provided as electronic files will be posted below as they become available:


The meeting will be held in Conference Room 2316 of the Computer and Space Sciences Building. The following facilities will be available in the room for your use during the meeting:

The following can be made available if requested sufficiently far in advance. If you need any of these items, please contact Linda Diamond or Anne Raugh as soon as possible:

Available in the department, should you need them:


Local contacts:

Contact Phone email (at For
Linda Diamond 301-405-5024 linda Parking permits, questions about local hotels, special needs (telecon, handicapped parking, etc.)
Anne Raugh 301-405-6855 raugh Technical requirements during meeting, upload/convert presentations, web site problems, agenda item changes/additions


General notes on driving, parking, eating and sleeping are available logistics. The campus is accessible by Metro.

Driving & Weather

If you're unfamiliar with the local roads and rush hour, please read the general information for drivers carefully. It is not all that unusual for the D.C. area to see its first snowfall, or more frequently its first ice storm, in December. For those of you not accustomed to driving in ice and snow, if it looks like there's precipitation in the offing and the temperature is near 40, listen carefully to the weather and traffic reports before venturing out on the roads.

On the plus side, it is also not all that unusual to see temperatures in the mid-60s in December, either, so keep your fingers crossed.


This meeting will be held during Finals Week at the University. Regular classes will not be in session. Notwithstanding, parking restrictions - especially for visitors - will be strictly enforced on campus. If you are planning to drive on campus and wish to arrive with a parking permit in hand, you must contact Linda Diamond no later than December 3rd to request a pre-paid permit be mailed to you.

Hourly parking is also available within a short walk of our building.