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Planetary Data System Management Council Meeting

4-5 April 2005
University of Maryland, College Park MD

Last update: 04 April 2005, ACR


The Small Bodies Node will host the next meeting of the PDS Management Council on Monday-Tuesday, April 4-5. The meeting will be held in conference room 2316 of the Computer and Space Sciences Building.

This page provides links to contact information, logistics, and any presentation materials made available in advance or during the course of the meeting, as requested by the participants. Links, updates and additional information will be added as they become available.


The agenda has been posted.


A telecon has been set up for both days, beginning at 8am EDT and running until one hour after the end of the egenda. To join the telecon, call:


and you will be connected to the conference call. There are slots for up to six simultaneous attendees.


Presentations provided as electronic files:

Seasonal Notes

The cherry blossoms will be in bloom in Washington, D.C. The National Cherry Blossom Festival runs March 26 - April 10, so those who prefer to stay in D.C. and drive or Metro out to campus should make hotel reservations earlier, rather than later. The festival has only a minor impact on hotels in the immediate vicinity of campus.

Spring Break: The campus will be closed for Spring Break the week of 21-25 March. During this time we will not be available to process requests for parking permits or other meeting requirements. Thus the 17 March 2005 deadline for requesting a parking permit be mailed to you.


The meeting will be held in Conference Room 2316 of the Computer and Space Sciences Building. The following facilities will be available in the room for your use during the meeting:

The following can be made available if requested sufficiently far in advance. If you need any of these items, please contact Jan Hall or Anne Raugh as soon as possible:

Available in the department, should you need them:


Local contacts:

Contact Phone email (at For
Jan Hall 301-405-1503 jhall Parking permits, questions about local hotels, special needs (telecon, handicapped parking, etc.)
Anne Raugh 301-405-6855 raugh Technical requirements during meeting, upload/convert presentations, web site problems, agenda item changes/additions


General notes on driving, parking, eating and sleeping are available logistics. The campus is accessible by Metro.

Driving & Weather

Washington weather is famous for very large and rapid deviations in the Spring. The average April weather is quite nice (mostly sunny, mid-50s), but the sigma is large. Your best strategy is to check the local weather forecast immediately before leaving, and adjust accordingly.

If you're unfamiliar with the local roads and rush hour, please read the general information for drivers carefully. There will be more distracted tourists than usual driving around Washington, so drivers should be wary, especially during non-rush hours.


Regular classes will be in session at the University during this meeting. This is a commuter campus with something like 40,000 students, so allow for major delays driving in the vicinity of campus 10-30 minutes before morning classes start. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, classes start on the hour beginning at 8am. On Tuesdays and Thursdays classes start every 90 minutes, also beginning at 8am.

If you are planning to drive on campus and wish to arrive with a parking permit in hand, you must contact Jan Hall no later than Thursday, March 17th to request a pre-paid permit be mailed to you.

Hourly parking is also available within a short walk of our building.